Fairy House Club

Fairy House

Succumb to the Magic of Fairy Houses!

Inspired by the book, Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane, we recently held our first Fairy House Club where participants built homes for our fairy friends.  Participants received a purse of fairy gold to purchase building and decorating materials in the fairy market place.  Builders also explored the Arboretum grounds for just the right site, collecting Nature's "cast offs" along the way.  (Nothing live is ever picked to build a fairy house.  The fairies wouldn't like that!)

This is a charming family activity for any age! Whether a seasoned outdoorsman or someone wanting to spend more time connecting with Nature, this is a great way to spend some quality time!

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Fall 2013 Fairy House Building Adventure!
January 2013 Fairy House Building Adventure!

September 2012 Fairy House Building Adventure!

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